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Ashe County Veterans History Project: Troy and William Spencer

Troy and William Spencer's names on a blue background with red stars

Troy and William Spencer's Photos

Troy and William Spencer's Story

The Hills of Old Rugby

Written by Mary Campbell Worley


I want to tell you the story of William and Troy

Two men Ive heard about since I was a boy

They grew up happy as could be

Near the hill of old Rugby.


The children of Isaac and Phoebe

William the older by years of three

When the Civil War came they did not flee

They had to leave the hills of old Rugby.


They marched through Virginia and Tennessee

Following orders of General Lee

Until in sixty-four from Georgia they left

To return to the hills of old Rugby.


Troy was the leader of the little band

When facing the court he took matters in hand

When they asked why he did not shy

We had to go to the Hills of Old Rugby.


Death was to be his fate

September 24th was the date

Before the firing squad he stood

By orders of General Hood.


Uncles William and Troy

How I wish I had known you

As I sit here tonight

Looking on the Hills of Old Rugby.


These brothers left to bring in the hay. Before they had a chance to return,Troy fell victim to the firing squad. William survived, due to intentional faulty aim.