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Ashe County Veterans History Project: Darryl Vaughn

Darryl Vaughn's name on a blue background with red stars

Darryl Vaughn's Photos

Darryl Vaughn with fellow soldiers

(left to right, back row) David Lewis, Cecil Walters, Walter Pennington, Glen Howell, Roy Billings, Johnny Brooks, Jeff Scott, Tommy Campbell, Randy Lewis, Jeff Dillard, James Long, Jeff Watson, Mark Senter; (left to right, front row) Marvin Taylor, Tommy Rhyne, Benny Colvard, Rob Taylor, Keith Dillard, Rick Weaver, Bart Winebarger, Michael Patrick, Eric Medley, Darryl Vaughn

Darryl with three children in Saudi Arabian desert

Darryl recalls that when meeting these Saudi Arabian children, he gave them some MRE rations (meals ready to eat).  The young boy to the right ran right over and took the food from the girls.  Darryl took it back and gave it to the girls and this happened again.  On the third attempt to give the girls food, Darryl had to open the package so they could start eating before the boy swiped it from them.  Arabian custom, unlike American, is that oldest males always eat first. 

Damaged building on the way to Bosra

When traveling down miles of pushed out roads on the way to Bosra, this convenience center showed heavy damage by helicopter or tank fire to run insurgents out of the area.  

Darryl holding a lizard

Darryl showing a lizard that was dug out of a hole in the ground inside their tent.  This was a "catch and release" lizard, since reptiles weren't welcome in sleeping quarters.

Black goat with white ears in front of truck

This goat walked into a fuel stop area for a visit one day and was very friendly. The men fed it, and it hung out for awhile to be petted before heading on its way. Even though there were miles and miles of desert, there was the occasional green pasture where herds of goats would wander to graze.

Soldiers standing around a Christmas tree with gifts in the desert

Desert Storm Christmas 1990 - Pictured here are representatives from Jefferson's 2nd platoon.  A Frasier Fir along with gifts from loved ones was shipped all the way from Ashe County to bring holiday spirit and love from home to the remote desert.