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Ashe County Veterans History Project: Daniel Lee Nuckolls


Daniel (Dock) Nuckolls

Daniel (Dock) Nuckolls's Story

Daniel Lee Nuckolls, a.k.a. Dock, was born on March 10, 1887, to Wilburn and Maggie Nuckolls in Furches, North Carolina.  He enlisted in the Navy on December 13, 1917, and served a total of one year and 9 months.  He married Annie (Shepherd) Nuckolls, the widow of his brother John Franklin Nuckolls, and became stepfather to Glona and Robert Frank Nuckolls.  Dock moved the family to Sacramento, California.  He died on October 22, 1934, when he fell to his death while working as a foreman on the Sacramento River Bridge.

Transcription of letters home ...

Somewhere in France

April 3, 1918

             Dear Mother,

This leaves me in a Hospital, with a slight attack of mumps.  Just have them on one side, don’t am’t (amount) to much.

Well, I enjoyed the trip across the Bryney deep fine, did not get sea sick at all.  Nor did not see any submarines either.

I have not wrote to Bob yet will write him when I get located.

You see I had the mumps when I land here and sent to the Hospital off hand.

Img (imagine) coald (cold) there.  It is not coald here yet.  But it sure does rain a lot.  I got a sweater to day from the Red Cross.  The R. C. is doing a lot for the boys over here.

Has A. U. (?) Taylor left the states yet?  I bought a liberty bond and am having it sent to you. Take care of it till I come.

                                                                Best wishes

                                                                                D. L. Nuckolls

                                                                                C. M.1/C.  U.S.N.A.F

                                                                                Northern Bombing Group




   Nov 29, 1918


                          Dear Father & Mother,

                           I’m writing to let you know that I have out lived the war and am well.

                          Hope as much for you both.

                          Have not heard anything from Rob lately but think he is O.K.  It is awful hard to get mail over here we are on the moove to much.

                          I have been in Belgium since I wrote you last.  Belgium is a wonderful country that is (?) with rockets.

                         Say you better keep an eye on the fatted calf, and keep it fat to is what I mean.

                         The Black Sheep is coming home soon hope to be there by Xmas but I may not get there quite that soon.

                         With all good wishes to all.

                                                                Your Son,

                                                                                D. L. Nuckolls