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Ashe County Veterans History Project: Floyd Gentry


Floyd Gentry's Photos

Black and white photo of Floyd Gentry
Floyd Gentry's Honorable Discharge papers

Honorable Discharge

Floyd Gentry's Story

Floyd Gentry joined the Army at the age of 23 and served during WWI (1917-18).  He started a tradition in his family, inspiring his three sons and their boys into military service too. His occupation as an enlisted man was running the School for Bakers and Cooks in Camp Jackson, SC.

The bakery at Camp Jackson produced 7,200 loaves a bread each day. The building, which was located at the south end of the cantonment, was divided into three rooms.  The first room was for the storage of flour.  The second room, called the dough room, contained large iron troughs for mixing the ingredients and kneading the dough.  The third room contained four large ovens, each of which could bake three hundred loaves of bread at a time.