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Ashe County Veterans History Project: James Paul Martin

James Paul Martin's name on a blue background with red stars above

James Martin's Photos

Grainy color image of young man in marine's uniform

James Paul Martin during recruit training in Paris Island, SC (1969)

black and white photo of young man in uniform wearing a medal

On embassy duty in Moscow, U.S.S.R. (1971)

copy of a newspaper clipping

A Winston-Salem Journal article mentioning James's posting at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow (1971)

Summary of James Martin's Service

Service Dates: 1969 to 1975

Branch of Service: U.S. Marine Corps

Highest Rank: Sgt. (E-5)

War, operation or conflict: Vietnam Era

Medals or service awards: Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Medal, Marine Security Ribbon, Rifle Expert Medal, Honorable Discharge Medal

Special duties, highlights, achievements: Presidential Visit, Moscow 1972