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Wilkes County Veterans History Project: Billy Ivey



 Retired Master Sergeant Billy Ivey

Sworn into service on November 15, 1983, arrived at Fort Knox KY., February 1984 for Basic Combat Training. This country boy from Southeast Texas, born and raised in the little Town of Diboll, had no clue how small this big world was until then. Started out as a track and wheel mechanic, later becoming a 19D Scout, and moved to an 11B Infantry Military Occupational Specialty (MOS).  As a scout, Billy became the 'eyes and ears' of his unit. He worked closely alongside his commander to communicate information during battle.

"I have served in three States under the National Guard, Texas, Michigan, and North Carolina, 36 and a half years of service with just a few months shy of ten years being active duty, three combat deployments, Iraq 2004-2005, again in 2009-2010 and Afghanistan 2010-2011, I was honored to be selected as Rear Detachment Commander for the 875th during deployment to Afghanistan 2012-2013.  Being an Army Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) was the greatest and most rewarding part of my military career, I loved taking care of Soldiers. Training and developing new leaders was a humbling experience for me. It became my passion and driving force during my career."


Billy retired on May 26, 2020.   "Retiring was hard, I miss it, I miss the soldiers most.   Joining Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association has helped me keep my mission of taking care of soldiers. We are 'Veterans Helping Veterans'. I have no regrets; I know I gave 110% to my career.  ;IGY6 This holds a deep and special meaning in my heart, I will say to any Veteran, YOU ARE NEVER ALONE."

The Igy6 Tattoo is a powerful symbol of mental health awareness and suicide prevention. It stands for “I Got Your Six,” which means “I’ve Got Your Back.” It’s a reminder that no one is alone, and that there is always someone who cares and is willing to support those who struggle with mental illness and thoughts of suicide.