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Wilkes County Veterans History Project: Charlie Rhodes


August 16, 1970

Charlie Rhodes Story

I was born on LI, NY 6/16/1946 to Elizabeth and William Rhodes. I was one of 8 children (4th in line) and he only one to serve in the military. I went to Half Hallow Hills HS in Dit Hills, NY. I was 20 years old when I joined the Marines in September 1966 ( I would have been drafted anyway). I did basic training at Paris Island, SC. I was with the LAAM's unit which was Light Antiaircraft Missiles. From there transferred to California - more training - then to Vietnam on September 1967. I was attached to the 1st battalion Amtrak. I was on the border of North and South DMZ. I was there 4 months when I got shot on January 10, 1968. I was flown to Japan for one month then sent to St. Albans hospital in Brooklyn, NY for 5 months. After that I went to Quantico, VA for about a year then discharged October 1969. When on patrol never wore a helmet nor Flak jacket. All we had to wear was a Berret. I was discharged 3 years and 1 month after I joined. I went back to work after the service. I belong not to the VFW and DAV and Purple Heart Organization.

The Vietnam Veterans were so dishonored when they came home many were told to change their clothes before coming home so they would not get spit upon! It was disgraceful the way they were treated after fighting for their country and everyone's freedom! There was no fanfare for them!


I was in charge of and carried an M79 Grenade Launcher and also carried 45.

Married to Linda Rhodes. 

Marine USMC. September 1966 - October 1969.

Paris Island, California, Quantico, Vietnam.

Corporal E4.

 Medals: Purple Heart, Good Conduct