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Wilkes County Veterans History Project: Fredrick Barber


Fredrick Barber - Story

I was drafted in 1969. Basic at Fort Bragg, advanced training at Fort Eustis, VA. spent approximately 18 months in Germany. spent the rest of my Military in North Carolina National Guard unit in North Wilkesboro, NC and was deployed out of country 4 times. I received a letter of appreciation 13 September 1997 from Brigadier General James W. Emerson for a job done in Durham, North Carolina and several other ribbons and medals.


US Army / NC Army National Guard

Served: September 69 - September 99

Rank: Sgt. /E5

Company A 793rd Military Police Battalion/ Co A - 505th Engineer Battalion

Did Patrol Check Border MP

Locations of Service: Fort Bragg, NC; Fort Eustice, VA; Germany; Honduras, Ecuador; Marital Islands; Camp Picket, VA.

Tow North Carolina Commendation Ribbons and 2 National Defense Ribbons. AR-Comp- achievement Medal (x3);1987 , OS-SVC-RBN (x4), AR-SVC RBN (x2), NCO-PROF-DEV-RBN (x3); 1988, Army-Comp-ACHVMT-MDL (x3); 1990, HUM-SVC-MDL (x1), DVR-BAD, NTL-DEF-SVC-MDL (second issue), AR-Comp-ACHVMT_MTL (x5);1994, HUM-SVC-MDL (second issue), AR-Comp-ACHVMT-MDL (5th issue); 1997, ARMED-FCS-RES-MDL (x2); 1998.

Military Police (75 B20), [51R20] Electrician. (62J20) General Construction Equipment.


45 cal. hand gun, M-14 Rifle, M-16 Rifle and M-60 Machine Gun Qualified.