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Ashe County Oral History

Collection of interviews with notable Ashe County residents

Rev. William McKinley Sexton was one of five brothers, all of whom became Baptist ministers. W..M. was a preacher from the Little Horse Creek vicinity. In this interview he provides a church history for the Horse Creek region. W.M.'s son, Mark, is the author of The Chalice and the Covenant, a history of black churches in Ashe and Allegheny Counties. 

Index of Topics

Part 1


00:30 Birth / Early life

1:15 what his house looked liked when he was young 

2:40 Siblings

3:25 Mother

3:55 who made his shoes

6:00 who worked in the family 

6:10 what they raised for food 

8:00 How they made wheat 

9:40 what the machines improved

10:18 Bad times 

10:54 who they lived with 

11:30 what winter was like

13:50 about his oldest brother 

14:55 what happened when someone got sick

18:20 what did they use for infections 

21:00 skunk smells

23:40 knowing when to plant crops

25:55 what was school like 

27:30 who made his cloths 

28:55 who all were ministers in the family 

29:30 About his dad

30:20 when he became a minister