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Ashe County Oral History

Collection of interviews with notable Ashe County residents

Billy Brown served for decades as a member of the Ashe County Sheriff's department. He began as a deputy, and ultimately served as Sheriff. During this time, he oversaw a small department tasked with keeping the peace in a large ang growing county. In this interview, he recalls his childhood days,  the workings of the Sheriff's department, amd memories of the moonshiners and outlaws he was tasked with capturing. 

Part 1

00:45 Birth / parents / siblings

2:10  Subsistence farming

5:00 Work / pay rates

8:00 Childhood pasttimes

13:20 Christmas

17:45 Baptism anecdote

23:50 Having the measles

Part 2

00:20 Flu epidemic

5:10 Reflections on army life

12:00 Life after WW1 / recollections of parents

14:06 Hog killing

18:35 Hunting with muzzle loader

20:40 Mother's jobs

22:25 Making leather britches

25:05 Using oxen

28:30 Hauling lumber

Part 3

00:30 Hauling timber with oxen

1:41 School stories

8:25 Teachers and punishment

11:05 Pie eating contest

14:30 Halloween / Easter / Thanksgiving

16:11 1916 trip out west

22:25 Marriage / children

24:30 Overview of Career as Sheriff

Part 4

0:30 Finances / size of Sheriff department

10:45 Daily activities of Sheriff / stills

12:00 Finding stills

23:00 Watching stills

25:40 Not carrying guns

Part 5

0:40 Finding stills

10:38 Punishments

11:02 Arresting friends