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Ashe County Oral History

Collection of interviews with notable Ashe County residents

Dent Pennington was a lifelong resident of the Helton community and a World War I combat veteran. In this interview he recalls the Helton of his childhood, farm practices, and his experiences fighting in Europe during the first World War. 

Part 1

3:50 Moving from grassy creek

4:35 Furniture / building

6:00 Casket story

7:52 Wallins creek name

11:59 Skating on helton creek

12:55 Christmas

14:45 Helton Academy

21:18 Helton history

22:00 Courting

25:25 World War I

Part 2

00:00 Lye soap

2:35 Heating

5:00 Food preservation

6:00 Hog slaughtering

8:14 Travel

10:51 Helton rolling mill

12:00 Helton woolen mill

13:25 Dr. / blacksmith

Part 3

00:00 WWI hospital

3:42 Combat

5:45 Gerald W. Johnson friendship

6:00 Wound

6:50 Purple Heart in 1976

8:20 Brother dying in camp

11:12 After war

16:17 Herb doctoring

17:45 Coin in cream for butter

Part 4

00:58 Civil War Veterans

1:40 Floods

5:53 Snow

9:30 Freezing creeks