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Ashe County Oral History

Collection of interviews with notable Ashe County residents

 John Green was an archeologist and Cherokee descendant specializing in the study of Native American tribes from the Souther   Appalachian region. In this interview he discusses the culture and lifestyle of Ashe County's earliest inhabitants.



Index of Topics

Part 1

0:29 Relationship with Native Americans

2:19 The Cherokee during the Revolutionary period

7:50 Diary discussing peace treaty


10:40 Directing field activities

11:30 Discovering Native Maps and writings

13:00 Talking about Cherokee War Chief

15:35 Staying in Cherokee Nation

16:17 Uses of Archeological finds

18:00 The Great Burial Mound

19:10 Resignation

Part 2

00:47 Visits to Southeast Asia

2:07 Travels in China

4:24 Contact with Missionaries

8:06 Returning to the U.S.

13:49 Starting a farm

17:54 Settlements and timber extraction

Part 3

00:20 Concerns over dam construction

1:14 Tribal Council's attitude

2:09 TVA attitude

7:52 Personal views on the dam construction

11:00 Copeland Mine and destruction of Native Artifacts

14:03 Concerns about environmental destruction

15:16 Preserving endangered species

Part 4

NOTE: Part 4 is a duplicate of Part 1

Part 5

1:48 Arranging Meeting between Natives and TVA

4:33 Things that assisted preservation

5:08 problems faced when fighting the dam

10:00 introduction of New Testament

10:16 Cherokees accepting bible

11:58 Eye injury while working in Nashville

16:20 Indian beliefs in Creator

Part 6

0:00 Natives using mountains for direction

1:52 Questions about permanence of Cherokee settlements

4:00 Indian artifacts

5:42 Using landmarks for navigation

6:24 Origins of Cherokee culture

8:00 Life before European settlement

9:01 Paleo Period

9:28 Archaic Period

11:59 Mound Builder period

14:13 Ice Age

John Green Part 7

00:55 Making and Using blowguns

2:57 Creating poisons

5:52 Beliefs about Great Spirit

8:54 Conversion to Christianity