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Ashe County Oral History

Collection of interviews with notable Ashe County residents

Born in 1901, Arthur Dell Goodman was a graduate of Wake Forest, teacher, and educator. In this interview he provides insights into his own family and local history, as well as insights into education in the 1920s.




00:20 Travelling to Wilkesboro / Camping

10:49 Desire to teach

11:19 Family’s importance on education

12:03 Registering for classes at Wake Forest

14:05 Assisting with teaching at Wake Forest

16:20 Travelling to Wake Forest from Ashe

21:00 Success at Wake Forest



0:00 Taking Greek to graduate in 1927

3:00 Teaching Sunday School in West Jefferson

3:40 Starting teaching career at Orion and Oak Hill

5:50 Reflections on Oak Hill

6:30 Teaching at Caldwell County

8:30 Meeting Wife (Mangum)

12:00 Establishing new schools

15:00 Tam Bowie’s and politics’ influence on education

16:35 Teaching at Fleetwood

17:34 Responsibilities of a principal at Healing Springs

20:17 Changes in teaching



0:40 Depression years in Detroit

13:38 Effects of depression in Ashe County

18:30 Mrs. Goodman working at Belk’s

21:25 Causes for migration

27:02 Roles of women

29:37 Enlistees in World War I


PART 5 (Largely unintelligilble)

0:00 Ghost Stories