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Ashe County Oral History

Collection of interviews with notable Ashe County residents


Florence Foster was born in Michigan in 1897 and lived for over 16 years in Alaska, beginning her residency well before it was granted statehood. In this interview she recalls her childhood, her life in Alaska, and her interest in knitting and crocheting.

Part 1

00:40 From Michigan born 1897
6:00  Musical family singing organ
11:57 Married pharmacist from Lexington
16:52 Worked at powder plant 
20:00 Traveling in Alaska
to end living in Alaska

Part 2

1:30 Traveling through country
2:20 - Coming to Ashe county
5:30 - Husband Edwin 
5:52 - Slave ownership
7:27 - Teaching people to knit and crochet

 Operating shop / losing eyesight