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Ashe County Oral History

Collection of interviews with notable Ashe County residents

Johnnie Richardson was born in 1915. At a young age, his mother, Carrie Richardson confined him to the bed in a misguided attempt to preserve his health. Consequently, Johnnie became bedridden and spent nearly 60 years confined to a single room in a home which for years had no electricity or running water.

Part 1

0:00 Birth / Family history

2:40 Health problems and dates

4:40 Room design

7:00 Ways of passing time

8:50 Childhood and health

11:00 Cemetery and Church

12:00 Health

12:45 Relatives

15:20 House

17:30 1960 Snow

18:00 Carrie (mother) and medicine

21:40 Christmas

23:30 Carrie and Brooms

26:00 Relatives

28:00 Rocky Flat School / Jess Reeves teacher

Part 2

00:00 Water and amenities for bed

2:00 Friends with animals

2:35 Civil War and Relatives / Slaveholding

4:20 Medical Exam for condition

5:30 Carrie Workday

7:30 School Days and spending time

11:30 History of house

14:20 Civil War stories