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Ashe County Oral History

Collection of interviews with notable Ashe County residents

Pearl Bare grew up in the Nathan’s creek community. She grew up in the home of her aunt.. She moved out of county to attend college in Marion Virginia where she resided for several years. In this interview she discusses a variety of topics relevant to Ashe County history. 


Index of Topics

Part 1

0:18  Last hanging in Ashe County

2:02 How the railroad changed Ashe

3:35 Civil War memories

4:18 where she grew up 

5:28 her school

5:48 Seeing train for the first time

9:36 The stables

11:42 The Great Depression

12:53 End of WW2 and Atomic Bombs

14:17 Depression again

21:54 her uncle's farm

24:13 school

30:14  what she has heard about first people in Ashe County


Part 2

00:54 Glendale Springs Inn

2:14 Restaurants

3:47 Meeting Vacationers

5:04 Sisters

5:16 Mothers death