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Welcome to Women's History Month!
Every March, people in the United States celebrate Women's History Month by honoring the achievements and history of women. Women's History Week was started in 1978 in California to raise awareness of women's contributions to United States history. The week was set to correspond with International Women's Day on March 8. In 1980, President Jimmy Carter declared the week of March 8 National Women's History Week. Carter said, "too often the women were unsung and sometimes their contributions went unnoticed. But the achievements, leadership, courage, strength, and love of the women who build America was as vital as that of the men whose names we know so well." In 1987, Congress designated the month of March as Women's History Month.
Celebrate the achievements of women in the past and present during Women's History Month.
How to Find Out More
To read a book online, click on the books on the bookshelf.
To see books available in the library written by or about a woman, click on the Quote of the Day.
To watch Brad Meltzer's I Am Amelia about Amelia Earhart, click on the paper airplane drawing.
To learn about famous botanist Jeanne Baret, click on the plant.
To watch Ashe County Public Library's Mary Blair storytime, click on the picture of the colorful castle.
To watch Ashe County Public Library's Ruth Bader Ginsburg equality storytime, click on the RBG poster.
To watch a video about Jane Goodall, click on the binoculars.
To listen to kids interview the vice president, click on the portrait of Kamala Harris on the chalkboard.
To learn about being a Wildlife Warrior, click on the portrait of Bindi Irwin on the chalkboard.
To learn more about Beyonce, click on the portrait of Beyonce on the chalkboard.
To learn more about the world's first computer programmer, Ada Lovelace, click on the computer.
To learn more about Rosie the Riveter, click on the poster.
To find fun activities for books like Uni the Unicorn, Plant a Kiss, and Al Pha's Bet by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, click on the yellow umbrella.
To hear a story about tennis superstars and sisters, Venus & Serena Williams, click on the tennis ball.
But Wait, There's More!
  • Stop by the library to pick up an Amelia Earhart kids STEAM kit
  • Learn how to make a paper airplane with Miss Ashlin and Sam in honor of Amelia Earhart
  • Get the Women's History kit for kids so you can
    • Learn about being a Wildlife Warrior like Bindi Irwin
    • Try hands-on, tech free coding with Ada Lovelace
    • Make a Mary Blair style castle
    • Color Rosie the Riveter