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ARL: Educational Resources in North Carolina

Welcome to Internet Privacy!
Every year on January 28th, the USA and Canada promote awareness of Data Privacy and internet safety! This guide will help you find some interactive lessons on how to use the internet and our devices safely.
How to Find Out More
To find out more about the day, click the Data Privacy Logo.
To play some online games about being smart on the internet, click the Sticky Note.
To read a graphic novel about Social Media safety, click the portrait of Miss Ashlin and Miss Marna.
To find ebooks and audiobooks with NC Kids Digital Library, click on the pencil.
To put books on hold from our catalog, click on the red notebook.
To find about the laws and rights children have in digital content, click on the blue UNICEF logo on the laptop.
To watch a video on internet safety tips, click on the 5.
To play Cyber-Web games, click on the ABCYa logo.
For safe browsing, click on the KidRex logo.
To become a Carnegie Cadet , click on the Miss Molly with the cat.
For a fun adventure in Interland, click on the yellow and black tablet.