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ARL: Educational Resources in North Carolina

Welcome to Hero Dogs
Did you know that there are many different types of hero dogs? Dogs are versatile (that means they can do a lot of different things). Rescue dogs can help find people who are in trouble. Guide dogs can help people get around obstacles. Therapy dogs can help people who need support in a lot of different ways. There are so many ways a dog can help people.
Our friend and Tail Waggin' Tutor, Finn, is a therapy dog. Finn is a four-year-old yellow lab who came to his family from Southeastern Guide Dogs in Brandenton, Florida. He is certified by Therapy Dogs International (TDI). He is a happy and well-adjusted dog who is eager to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. Finn's favorite activities include snuggling, kissing, and listening to stories. As the mascot for Imagination Ashe, Finn visits the library to help young readers feel more relaxed and comforted.
Finn and his reading partner Fran will be holding an online event, Storytime with Finn, on Wednesday, September 30th at 11 am.
How to Find Out More
To find books about service dogs, rescue dogs, and therapy dogs, click the Hero Dog emblem.
To watch our YouTube playlist of hero dogs in action, click the Superpower Dogs poster.
To read some of our favorite Imagination Library books online, click the books on the bookshelf.
To learn more the amazing free gifting program which sends free books to Ashe County children from birth to five years old, click on the Imagination Ashe logo.
To find out how to make Dog Toys from an old t-shirt, click on the Maker Monday poster.
To visit Ashe County Public Library online, click on the Library poster.
To see a cute video of puppies in a chair, click on the chair.
To find out more about Storytime with Finn on Wednesday, September 30th, at 11 am, click on Miss Ashlin and Finn.