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Winter Holidays
Welcome to winter holidays! Around the world, November, December, and January are full of cheer! People across the globe celebrate in their own ways during the winter months. This interactive guide will help you learn more about how different cultures spend these months.
How to Find Out More
To find a good winter read, click on the white present.
Looking for books you can read online? Click on the stack of books.
To find winter games from PBS Kids, click on Miss Molly.
For a virtual tour of Christmas Lights, click on the window.
Three Kings Day facts and fun can be found by clicking on the three kings dolls.
To play games and make food for Hanukkah, click on the spinning purple dreidel.
Unwrap Christmas facts by clicking on the green present.
Christmas trees have really changed over the years, find out how, click on the tree.
To find out about the Native American tradition Soyal, click on the painting of Kachinas.
Celebrate the discovery of gravity during Grav Mass by clicking on the protrait of Isaac Newton.
Click on the black and white drawing to find out what the solstice signifies.
Countdown to the new year when you click on the clock.
Celebrate harvest and family with Kwanzaa, click on the kinara candles.
To travel to Columbia for Día de las Velitas, click on the candle in the gold holder.
To find out about St. Lucia day, click on the candle and holy crown.
Enjoy some sweet fruit on Shab-e Yalda when you click on the pomegranate.
Click on the fireplace to get nice and cozy with Hygge,
Click on the Nutcracker to watch the Russian State Ballet's presentation of The Nutcracker .
Click on the rug to get some ideas for having a virtual holiday.