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ARL: Educational Resources in North Carolina

Welcome to Miss Molly Saves!
Learn about money and finances in many of its forms. Click on the different parts of the picture and find all of the cool things we have linked to help you save, spend, and share money!
How to Find Out More
To check out books about money from the library, click on the book covers.
To check out books about money online, click on the NC Kids Digital Library poster.
To play FAT CAT money games, click on the train.
To play games from the U.S. Mint, click on the Mint logo.
To practice sharing, saving, and spending with a budget from iMom, click on the piggy bank.
To learn about credit cards and checks, click on the wallet.
To learn about the history of money from NOVA, click on the barn quilt.
Thank you the Local Government Federal Credit Union for their help on this lesson!