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Wilkes County Human Library: Pat McNeil - Civil War Historian

The Human Library is very much like a regular library where people go to check out books. The only difference is that the books are all human volunteers that can be 'borrowed' for conversation.

Fannie McNeil, wife of James McNeil

and her mother Polly Dula Ferguson

Pat McNeil has served a total six years as a Sons of Confederate Veterans Commander for The James B. Gordon Camp.  The group was rechartered from the 1920s and began meeting again in 1995 to talk about The Civil War.  The group began with about 20 members. 

The Sons of Confederate Veterans is a good avenue to study the war and learn from ancestors.

Pat shares stories from a series of letters by the Proffit brothers, written over 150 years ago and housed now in Raleigh's archival collection.  The men fighting were very sensitive about family and often asked how the mules were doing.  One story talked about George Stoneman a Union Calvary General who came and took the mules. 

The women at home had a hard time and some said, "we need you worse than they do."