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Wilkes County Human Library: Jax Poff - Living with Disabilities

The Human Library is very much like a regular library where people go to check out books. The only difference is that the books are all human volunteers that can be 'borrowed' for conversation.

Drew, Jax and Lacey Grace 

Drew, Jax and Lacey Grace

Jax, her husband Drew and

Lacey Grace on a beach vacation

Jax and Lacey Grace


 Lacey Grace and Jax out on the boardwalk.

Jax and Lacey Grace at a

Marine Corps event.

In early adulthood, I trained as a nursing assistant because I knew I wanted to help people. Later because of genetics and injuries, I was unable to work as a nursing assistant and had to learn how to work more with my mind instead of my body.

This continued to be my new norm. I learned how to use information I gleaned in my former career to help myself, and others, deal with challenges that living disabled provides in daily life.

My constant companion is my service dog, Lacey Grace. She has a way of making the wheelchair, in which I ride, less scary to children. Other people approach me any time I am out; to rub her head, or tell me about the pets they have in their life.

Lacey Grace has a few vital jobs that help me through my day. She sits at my left arm where I have nerve damage. She alerts me to flares, spasms in my arm. She also alerts me when my blood sugar is low. She can tell when I am getting anxious and gives me a sense of comfort to help me stay calm.