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Wilkes County Human Library: Lorelei Harris - The Magic of Crystals

The Human Library is very much like a regular library where people go to check out books. The only difference is that the books are all human volunteers that can be 'borrowed' for conversation.

After 30 years in Corporate America, Lorelei Harris left her life in Naples, Florida and moved to Wilkes County to pursue her dream of opening a metaphysical shop with new age products and focusing on crystals, minerals and rocks.

Lorelei started studying crystals and their metaphysical properties 14 years ago when a friend gave her an amethyst palm stone. Immediately, she felt how her stress was decreasing. After reading a book on crystals, she was convinced that crystal energy is real.

When The Whimsical Nook opened in November 2022, Lorelei realized that there were many Wilkes County residents that enjoy collecting crystals as well as benefiting from their healing properties. As the store became more popular, she added other new age and metaphysical products to help people connect in the spiritual path.