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Exploring the Solar System

Adult Kits for September 12-October 8, 2022.

Registration Week

Get ready for adventure!  This week's kit gets us started with everything you need to begin looking toward the stars and recording what you see and experience.  There are 30 Registration Kits; just come upstairs to the Reference Desk to pick one up.  And remember, if no more kits are available, don't worry!  You can still enter to win our weekly prize drawing when you're at the library. 

While you're on the second level, you can also visit Tutor Room 3 for a peek at our glow-in-the-dark stars & planets!  For those of you who don't like to stay up late or spend a lot of time outside, we'll even count each constellation and planet you find in Tutor Room 3 as a Night Sky Find that will enter you for a chance to win the Grand Prize!  Enjoy!

"Space is for everybody." --Christa McAuliffe