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Exploring the Solar System

Adult Kits for September 12-October 8, 2022.


The prizes for this month's solar system exploration are out of this world!  (Yes, we are going there with the puns!)  We are doing things a little differently for this program.  Here's an outline of how it works:

  • The Explore the Solar System Program is open to Adults and Teens.  It's a family project!
  • There will be 30 kits available each week, including Registration week.  The kits can be collected upstairs at the Reference Desk on a first come, first served basis. So show up early!
  • If you happen to miss a kit, don't fret!  Every person who is interested in participating can come upstairs to the Reference Desk and place their name and contact information into our "Star Box".  Each week, a name will be drawn from the "Star Box" and that person will win a cosmic prize.  So, even if you aren't early enough to score a kit, you can still win a stellar reward each week of the program!
  • The Grand Prize (which is SUPER cool, by the way) will be determined by another drawing held for all of the folks who submit their night sky finds.
  • Get out there and look to the stars!  It's going to be a fun month!

"I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night."  --Sarah Williams