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Wilkes County Wellness: Emotional

This guide is a resource for the patrons and community of Wilkes County Public Library. In this guide, you will find resources to encourage wellness in all aspects of your life and promote lifelong health benefits.

What is Emotional Wellness?

Emotional Wellness - Coping effectively with life and creating satisfying relationships. 

NC Cardinal & ARL Catalog

Healing: our path from mental illness to mental health - Thomas Insel 

Publication Date: 2022

ISBN: 9780593298046

Catalog Summary: A bold, expert, and actionable map for the re-invention of America's broken mental health care system As director of the National Institute of Mental Health, Dr. Thomas Insel was giving a presentation when the father of a boy with schizophrenia yelled from the back of the room, "Our house is on fire and you're telling me about the chemistry of the paint! What are you doing to put out the fire?" Dr. Insel knew in his heart that the answer was not nearly enough. The gargantuan American mental health industry was not healing millions who were desperately in need...

Subjects: Mental health services United StatesMental health United States 

You are not alone: the NAMI Guide to navigating mental health--with advice from experts and wisdom from real people and families - Ken Duckworth 

Publication Date: 2022

ISBN: 9781638930006

Catalog Summary: Written with authority and compassion, this is the essential resource for individuals and families seeking expert guidance on diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, featuring inspiring, true stories from real people in their own words. 

Subjects: Psychology, PathologicalMental health

Building happier kids: stress-busting tools for parents - Hansa Bhargava 

Publication Date: 2022

ISBN: 9781610025737

Catalog Summary: Kids today are facing unprecedented pressures--and their mental health is suffering. As a parent, you may feel burned out and exhausted yourself--and perhaps overwhelmed by the idea of taking on your child's stress. But Building Happier Kids offers practical, concrete steps you can take to help your kids and yourself! 

Subjects: Child rearingParentingChild mental health

Toxic positivity: keeping it real in a world obsessed with being happy - Whitney Goodman 

Publication Date: 2022

ISBN: 9780593418277

Catalog Summary: In this refreshingly honest guide, sought-after therapist Whitney Goodman shares the latest research along with everyday examples and client stories that reveal how damaging toxic positivity is to ourselves and our relationships, and presents simple ways to experience and work through difficult emotions. The result is more authenticity, connection, and growth-and ultimately, a path to showing up as you truly are.

Subjects: HappinessSelf-actualization (Psychology)Mental health

Open-Access Resources

What Is Emotional Wellness? - An overview of emotional wellness and its impact on one’s health. 

What Is Emotional Wellness? Studies have shown that emotional wellness leads to happiness. Here's how. - A blog post on Psychology Today by Diana Raab Ph.D. on emotional wellness.

What is mental health? - A medically reviewed article on Medical News Today featuring broad topics within mental health such as risk factors, diagnosis, treatment, and more. 

Emotional Wellness - A collection of resources featuring mental health and emotional wellness topics for parents and families, published by the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

How to Stay Mentally Healthy: A Wellness Checklist - A blog post on Psychology Today by Carla Shuman Ph.D. about cultivating mental and emotional wellness. 

Emotional Wellness Checklist - A printable checklist to track and develop healthy habits to increase emotional wellness, published by the National Institutes of Health.

Media Resources

Emotional well-being affects personal growth | Simone Cox | TEDxPointUniversity - “Simone Cox, a professor of counseling at Point University, explains her own experience with emotional well-being and tries to communicate the importance of mental health.”

How to practice emotional first aid | Guy Winch - “We'll go to the doctor when we feel flu-ish or a nagging pain. So why don’t we see a health professional when we feel emotional pain: guilt, loss, loneliness?”

Emotional Wellness

In the News

4 emotional workouts to help you feel empowered and promote resilience - “When you are anxious and stressed, you could add an ‘emotional workout’ to your self-care regimen.”

Mental Wellness Day to Assist Underrepresented Youth in Los Angeles County - “On Saturday, October 8th, from 9 am to 2 pm, the Kollab Youth workforce development program, in partnership with the Social & Emotional Wellness Initiative, will shine a light on mental health and suicide prevention among teens through an approach with compassion, assertiveness, with skilled (certified) staff to provide positive pathways, while still making it a fun and exciting day!”

NC Live Databases

MedlinePlus - Common diseases and conditions, health promotion and wellness, drugs info, medical dictionaries and more.

MedlinePlus Español - MedlinePlus le brinda información sobre enfermedades, condiciones y bienestar en un lenguaje fácil de leer.

Psychology Database - Clinical and social psychology articles on topics such as genetics, psychology of business and economics, communication, criminology, addiction, neurology, social welfare, and more.

Social Science Database - Research covering topics in sociology, social work, anthropology, and politics.

Sociology Database - Sociological and social work research including culture and social structure, history and theory of sociology, social psychology, substance abuse and addiction, and more.