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Ashe County Arly Reading Challenge 2023: Books Read in 2023


1. A book about adventure

2. A book nominated for a North Carolina Children's Book Award

3. A book from a library display

4. A non-fiction book

5. A book with a color in the title

6. A book in which the main character does something extraordinary

7. A book about friendship and kindness

8. A book by your favorite author

9. A book from a different time period

10. A book whose cover you like

11. A book recommended to you

12. A book written before you were born

13. A funny book

14. A book by an author you have never read before

15. A book with a mythical creature

16. A book with multiple authors

17. A book with pictures

18. A book with a silly title

19. A book published in 2023

20. A book about a pet

21. A book with a one word title

22. A book that makes you feel happy

23. A book set in a place you've never been

24. A book about a family

25. A book with a mystery