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Do you have a hard time deciding what to read next? Are you in a reading rut and want to discover new books and authors? Do you simply enjoy discussing books with other readers? TRY THESE CHALLENGES!

Take Our Ultimate Reading Challenge

Book-lovers, start your reading engines. If one of your New Year's resolutions is to read more books in 2022, get started now with our ultimate reading challenge. From a love story to a book about local history, we're giving you a wide range of reads, spanning eras and genres, instead of specific books. You don't have to read all 24 books, but it's a fun incentive to diversify your reading — you may be surprised by what you find you enjoy! Download a Bingo card, and check off the books as you go (then use a site like Goodreads to keep track of what you've read).

BINGO Reading Challenge 2022

Lists to Get You Started


Join us for the 2022 Bingo Reading Challenge Part 2!  The goal is to complete a reading challenge for each category on the Bingo card.  Once you have "Bingo" either vertically or horizontally, complete the form.  Each time you win BINGO and submit a form, your name will be entered for a chance to win.  Names will be drawn in June!

For additional ideas of books to read, click here.