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Saving Seeds, Saving Stories: Sowing a New Generation of Growers: Home


From the bean markets of a century ago to the Christmas trees of today, Ashe County boasts a rich and varied agricultural heritage. Through Ashe County Public Library's work with the Ashe Seed Library, we meet a lot of people who are connected to this heritage in one way or another. Many still save seeds from and grow local varieties of peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, and other food crops. Others have seeds they haven't grown in a generation but couldn't bear to throw away. Still others are discovering heirlooms and local varieties for the first time. Many have lived and farmed on the same land for generations, although that doesn't mean nothing has changed. Others have returned to the land for reasons too varied and complex to name. We hope this oral history project honors the work of all the folks who shared their time, wisdom, stories, and humor with us over the past year. We also hope everyone else enjoys it, too. 



This project is funded in part by a grant from South Arts’ In These Mountains, Central Appalachian Folk Arts and Culture initiative.

Photographer: Jay Wild

Photographer: Brenda Smith

Interviewer: Brenda Smith