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Ashe Teen Space

Ashe County Public Library's place for teens online (ages 12-17).

Teen Volunteering @ Ashe County Public Library

W are happy to announce the return of in-person volunteering at Ashe County Public Library! We have missed seeing your smiling faces! Here are the volunteering

opportunities available:


Do you like things to be orderly and neat? Do you enjoy alphabetizing? Have you ever wanted to learn the Dewey Decimal System? Then this is the job for you! A big part of a librarian’s job is finding the right book for our patrons. But if our shelves are out of order, it makes our job harder. Individuals in this position will “adopt” a section of the library’s collection and help us ensure that the section is in order, clean, and inviting to patrons. They may also do other tasks, such as locating missing or mis-shelved items, checking that DVDs and Books on CD are in the correct cases, cleaning book covers, checking DVDs for cracks, cleaning DVDS, etc. Adopt-a-Shelvers will earn volunteer hours for the amount of time spent keeping their adopted section in order and other tasks as assigned.

Book Reviewers:

 If you love to read, then this is the job for you! We need volunteers to read books in our YA (Young Adult) collection – or YA Advanced Reader copies sent by publishers – and write an honest review. The reviews may be posted to our social media accounts and possibly placed inside the books. Books may be your choice, but if you need a suggestion the Adult Services Department can recommend a book. Reviews can also be anonymous. Make sure your review uses correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Reviews must be ready for publication with little to no editing. Reviews will be sent back for correction if extensive editing is required.
 One book review is equal to 3 hours of volunteer time.

Program Assistant:

Do you like arts and craft? Would you enjoy learning how library programs are put together? Then this position is right for you! Individuals in this position will help prepare for, set up, and clean up after programs at the library, so they must be willing to work with toddlers to 6th graders. Program Assistants will earn volunteer hours for the amount of time spent working at the library doing assigned tasks. Someone in this position may also be responsible for special projects around the library on an as-needed basis, including cleaning and program preparation.

If any of these sound like something you would be interested in please fill out the application and agreement below and email them to or drop off in-person at the reference desk upstairs. If you have any questions feel free to email us or give us a call @ 336-846-2056.

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Volunteer Policy

Volunteer Agreement

Volunteer Application