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Ashe County Reading Challenge Book Club Guide: Resources

October Meeting 2023

Free With Your Library Card!


  • Download free e-books and audiobooks from our digital library with Libby! 


  • This is another place where you can access free e-books and audiobooks! However this collection is more limited.


Where You Can Find Book Recommendations! 

Good Reads

  • Look up book titles.

  • Read reviews written by other readers.

  • Create lists and keep track of books you've read with a free account.

Fresh Air NPR

  • Radio show that speaks about contemporary art and issues. They will often speak about different books. 


  • Website that allows users to search for their next read by mood/emotion, location, character, plot, etc.  Highly useful.  Warning: this site can be addictive!

Fantastic Fiction

  • Useful website for searching for new reads.  You can search for authors and find all the books they have written in a series, in order.  You can search by book genre.  You will also find new suggestions for books based on the books you have read and like.

Book Browse

  • Website that…well..just use it and see what happens.  It’s amazing!


Where To Buy Books!

Of course you should always check the library first, but just in case we can't get you a copy, here are some places where books are being sold. 


Digital Books

Book Bub

  • Daily emails with great ebook and audiobook deals tailored to your likes.

Physical Books

Thrift Books

  • Online used book store. They are reliable and have great deals. 

Paperback Swap

  • This website allows users to swap out books between one another. 

Better World Books

  • Website that collects and sells new and used books online.  Every time you buy a book from this site, they donate a book to those in need.  You can read about their mission here.

McKay's Books

  • Huge used book store located in Winston Salem, NC. 

Barnes and Noble

  • Bookstore located in Winston Salem, NC. 

Birchbark Books

  • Louise Eldrich's bookstore located in Minneapolis, MN.



Super Summary

  • This website provides detailed chapter by chapter summaries and analysis’ for both characters and themes. As well as essay and discussion topics. This is a paid subscription service that costs $36 a year. 

Tournament of Books

  • Website sponsored by Field Notes that hosts a yearly online literary tournament during the same timeframe as March Madness.  Two books are pitted against one another each weekday during the month of March until one title emerges victorious and wins the coveted Rooster Award.

The New York Times Book Review Podcast

  • This website links you to podcast platforms where you can listen to your favorite book reviews.  Enjoy listening to great snapshots and reviews of upcoming books bound to be best sellers.