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Ashe County Involving Books

Read interesting and engaging books with the community that will spark involvement in local, positive, community efforts!

Involving Books features books relating to causes, issues, challenges, or situations that call for an active response from readers. Discussions about the books will take place at the library, at partner locations, and in public forums such as parks, breweries, restaurants, and farmers markets. Community service opportunities or individual activities related to the topics of the books will be organized or suggested. Visits from authors, musicians, artists, or other experts connected to each book’s topic will provide culturally enriching and informative entertainment.

A continued look at RECOVERY with STORIES of HOPE ... 

features the work of Robert Gipe


Trampoline by, Robert Gipe

(limited) Read - Share - Return copies are available

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Meet Robert and hear more about issues faced by contemporary Appalachia . 

Visiting in Watauga, Wilkes, and Ashe Counties

April 7 - 8:45 a.m. - Ashe County Public Library


“Gipe’s powerful sense of place will seep into teen readers’ lives. This is a killer debut of one teenager’s flight from destruction—strong stuff tempered with humor and love.”
School Library Journal