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Ashe County Summer Learning 2024

There will be 24 kits available each week throughout the Adult Summer Reading & Learning program.  Each Monday morning, we'll randomly select 24 names from our ASL participants to receive that week's kits. Any unclaimed kits will be available on a first come, first served basis the following week. The first kit will be available on June 3, amd the final kit on July 22.  Each week’s kit will focus on either a book or an outdoor adventure to some extreme environment around the globe.  And, don't forget that everyone who registers and submits their time spent reading is eligible to collect our weekly adventure charms!

June 3: Week 1

Week 1 kicks off with a kit containing everything you need to get started packing for our upcoming adventures.  In Week 1, we also meet our mascot, the tardigrade.  You are going to absolutely adore this little guy!  He can survive pretty much any adventure you send him on, even the vacuum of space!

June 10: Week 2

Week 2 will feature a book about Ernest Shackelton's polar adventure to Antarctica.  This story reads as too implausible to be nonfiction!

June 17: Week 3

Week 3 we gather some survival gear for our packs.  You never know when we might need it!

June 24: Week 4

Week 4 we meet two daring cave explorers who share their darkened adventures in subterranean Earth.  These two are definitely not afraid of the dark!

July 1: Week 5

Week 5 brings us food rations for our pack and a few survivalist recipes to prepare for further trips abroad.  Yum!

July 8: Week 6

This week we travel back in time to Iceland in 1783.  The volcanic eruption of Laki wrought global changes that persisted for years.  What's it like to visit an erupting volcano?  We'll find out!

July 15: Week 7

During week 7, we collect some first aid gear for little accidents that are bound to happen along the way.  Anybody need a band aid?

July 22: Week 8

We wrap up summer learning with a best selling book about the bioluminescent depths of the ocean.  This book is truly amazing, and a best seller.  Don't miss it!