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Ashe County Summer Learning 2024


This year's Adult Summer Reading & Learning theme, Adventure Begins at the Library, encourages participants to explore uncharted territories!

This year we will offer eight weeks of adult kits aligned with adventures to extreme environments around the globe.  From the freezing cold of Antarctica, to the 2,200 degree Fahrenheit exploding cone of a volcano, we are braving the elements while meeting some extreme adventurers along the way.

To guide our journey, what better companion can we have than the nearly indestructible tardigrade!  The epitome of resilience, this little guy will accompany us on our journey and show us how he defies the elements to survive pretty much any extreme environment, including five past mass extinctions on Earth and even the vacuum of space!  Be sure to read each week's email to learn more about this adorable little guy.

Click the image below to learn more about tardigrades.


To get started, please register using the tab to the left of this page, or use the link provided here.  

Use the navigation links on the left hand side of the page to learn all about this year's Adult Summer Reading & Learning program. We look forward to our adventures together this summer!