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Ashe County Summer Learning 2022

Adults, Teens, & Children

What Is Summer Learning

What is Summer Learning?

Summer Learning is a program the library offers each year to children and teens. We offer prizes for reading and participating in learning activities in an effort to inspire lifelong library users with a love of reading and learning.


Over the course of a traditional summer break, kids lose an average of three months of learning. This is known as summer slide. Summer slide is projected to be worse because of the changes to daily life and learning kids and families have experienced. 

Why the library?

The library is a fun and safe place for all members of our community! Our library's mission is to promote knowledge, reading, and imagination; support and encourage lifelong learning; and contribute to the sense of community and the economic wellbeing of Ashe County. Summer reading is an integral part of this mission. 

What can I do?

One of the easiest ways to help your child become a better reader is to let them read what they want over summer break. Letting kids read what they want helps them grow their love of reading. Kids who enjoy reading are more apt to read and understand complex texts later.

Kids are more likely to read if they see adults in their lives reading for enjoyment. So grab a book and see what's in store!

Talk to your kids about what they're reading and what you're reading. These conversations will build their critical thinking and comprehension skills.

You're doing great!


If you have any questions, please feel free to email Molly P. at, or call 336-846-2041.