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Ashe County Public Library Online

Miss Molly Talks... is a podcast from Ashe County Public Library.
Follow us on SoundCloud or stayed tuned to the summer learning 2020 site to hear new episodes when they are dropped every Thursday afternoon.
Miss Molly Talks... Knights

Miss Molly talks about some of the most famous knights of King Arthur's Round Table during Kingdoms week at Ashe County Public Library. What are your favorite stories about King Arthur and his knights?
Miss Molly Talks... Giants

Miss Molly talks... giants in American folklore during American Tales week at Ashe County Public Library. What is your favorite American folktale?
Miss Molly Talks... Mythical Beasts

Miss Molly talks... some our favorite mythical beasts from all around the world during beast week at Ashe County Public Library.
Miss Molly Talks... Real-Life Lost Treasure

Miss Molly talks... real life treasure that is still lost to this day during Land and Sea week at Ashe County Public Library.
Miss Molly Talks... Storm Myths


"And he hurled his thunder bolt..." For Ancient Tales week, Miss Molly takes a look at ancient storm gods and myths from around the world. Tell us your favorite myth about storms or share your writings from the story prompt in the podcast.
Miss Molly Talks... Magical Garments

For the final week of the summer, Miss Molly talks about magical garments in stories of all kinds.
A special thank you to the Ashe County Friends of The Library who make all of our programming possible!