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Mindful Moment is an opportunity to take a moment to ourselves to get our minds and bodies situated when we are feeling a little off. These quick and easy practices can help us calm down, feel happier, connect to one another, and so much more!
Try out these mindful moments and let us know what you think!
Mindful Moment: Dragon Wings
This activity can help you calm down if you need to take a minute for yourself. It can comfort you if you're feeling a little out of sorts. Try it with me!
Mindful Moment: Loving Kindness
Loving kindness meditation can improve social connections, resilience and wellbeing, emotional regulation, and satisfaction! Try it with me in this week's Mindful Moment.
Mindful Moment: Lion's Breath
Lion's breath can energize you, relieve stress, and decrease tension in your body and mind. Try it with me during this week's Mindful Moment.

Mindful Moment: Shark Fin
Try out shark fin with Miss Ashlin in this week's Mindful Moment. Shark fin helps you calm down when your mind and body feel out of control. You can do this quick practice any time during the day.

Mindful Moment: Wish on a Star
Wish on a star is a loving-kindness meditation. Loving kindess meditations help us connect to other people. They are known to increase empathy, relieve stress, and create a positive outlook. Try it with Miss Ashlin!

Mindful Moment: Dandelion Field
If you've come to Music & Movement, you've probably done a dandelion field practice with Miss Ashlin. Try it out in this week's Mindful Moment. Dandelion Field is a great exercise to use when you want to calm down, clear your mind, or take a moment to relax. Enjoy!

Mindful Moment: Five Senses
Try out five senses with Miss Ashlin in this week's Mindful Moment. Five senses is a great exercise for clearing your mind. It can also be used to relieve stress, calm down, or help you feel more in tune with the world around you. It's a magical practice you can do any time. Enjoy!