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adventures with arly blue ridge parkway
Arly is taking a trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway! Help him manage his money on his trip.
Click here to go on Arly's Blue Ridge Parkway adventure.
Financial Literacy is the ability to understand and apply financial skills. We want to help your child build financial literacy and math skills in a fun way. Check out the links below for more financial literacy tools.
  • H.I.P. Pocket Change includes fun money facts and games for children from the US Mint. This site also provides financial literacy resources for parents & teachers to use with children.
  • The Mint teaches kids about earning, saving, spending, and giving with activities, challenges, and calculators.
  • Money Confident Kids provides five lessons for a stronger financial education for kids aged 8-1
  • Pretty Penny is an industrious girl who finds ways to earn and save money. This website includes information about her books, coloring pages and crafts, and the Pretty Penny movie.
  • Treasury Direct teaches kids about debt, treasury securities, and bonds. Enjoy videos, games, money math, and information.
adventures with arly earth day
Arly is going on an Earth Day adventure! Help him make a difference with a few simple things he can do today.
Click here to go on Arly's Earth Day adventure.
2020 marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day! 
  • has created a list of 7 eco-friendly actions for kids during the pandemic.
  • These facts & worksheets from KidKonnect can help kids learn more and think critically about Earth Day.
  • National Geographic Kids has created this list of tips for celebrating Earth Day.
  • Here's a list of Earh Day books available from NC Kids Digital with your library card or student access number.
adventures with arly time
Arly is working on keeping a schedule while Staying at Home! Help him stick to his schedule.
Click here to join Arly in passing the time.