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Ashe County Reading Challenge 2023: Books Read in 2023 (26-50)

26. A book by a famous author writing under a pseudonym

27. A book you can see yourself reading more than once

28. A book about mental health

29. A scary book

30. A book found on a library display

31. A book by a new author

32. A book recommended by a friend

33. A book about a world religion

34. A book with a color in the title

35. A book about a holiday you don't typically celebrate

36. A book that made you laugh out loud

37. A book with a character that has a medical condition

38. A book written by or about a First Lady

39. A book about war

40. A book by a foreign author

41. A book about books

42. A book with a character who is morally conflicted

43. A thrilling book

44. A book that has been banned

45. A book that makes you feel hopeful

46. A book with romance

47. A book by your favorite author

48. A book with a character that reminds you of someone

49. A book that is now a movie or tv show

50. A book written by an author with your first name