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Ashe County Reading Challenge 2023: ACPL Reading Challenges Landing Page



This reading challenge is open to all ages but is particularly suitable for teens and adults. We sponsor this challenge for two very important reasons: to promote literacy in our community and to have fun doing it. Each year, our librarians select 50 new challenges, and participants are invited to complete as many challenges as they wish. Each accepted entry earns you a chance to win books and other prizes. Click the image above to get started!


We are committed to helping kids discover their love of reading, and Arly's Reading Challenge does just that by encouraging children and families to read widely throughout the year and rewarding them for doing so. For each book read and reviewed, readers earn an entry for the grand prize drawing at the Reading Challenge Wrap-Up/Kickoff Celebration in January of 2024. For every five books read and reviewed in the challenge, kids may select a free book. Click the picture to start now!