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Ashe County Reading Challenge 2022: Home

  1. Challenges may only be completed once.
  2. Each book can only be used for one challenge.
  3. Audiobooks and eBooks count.
  4. You can download and print a checklist (see "Get the Checklist" below) to keep track of your progress.


When you complete a task, visit the 2022 Ashe County Reading Challenge program guide (hint: you're here now!) at

  • Go to the Submit Your Challenges page.
  • Complete both pages of the form and click the Submit button.
  • You are not required to provide your email address, but if you do, we will be able to contact you if there is a problem with your submission.


Alternately, you can pick up some challenge cards at the library, fill in all the information, and return the cards to a staff member.

Get the Checklist

We had so much fun designing the 2022 Reading Challenge! You'll notice that in this year's challenge, there are several challenges submitted by our Readers. They include some thought-provoking challenges, such as "A book that makes you ask why?" as well as some delightfully distinctive challenges, such as "A book with a lobster on the cover." We've also included perennial favorites and some challenges we hope will stretch your reading habits while still bringing you joy. Although all of these attributes could be ascribed to a single book, each book may only be used to satisfy a single challenge. We think this year's challenges are a good mix between the general (so you can include many of the books you would have read anyway) and the specific (so you can read some books you might never have chosen otherwise). Our library sponsors this challenge for two very important reasons: to promote literacy in our community and to have fun doing it. If these goals float your boat, we hope you'll join us on this literary voyage! If you have an idea for a challenge category, let us know! Email with the subject line: Reading Challenge Idea.