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Ashe County Reading Challenge 2021: Books Read in 2021 (1-25)

1. A book published in 2021

2. A book best read with a cup of tea

3. A book that made you laugh

4. A modern classic

5. A book with a red cover

6. A book by an author you've never heard of before

7. A book that brings you joy

8. A book about the natural world

9. A book with a clever title

10. A book with a character who wears a mask

11. A book you own but have never read

12. A book mentioned on Gilmore Girls

13. A book about a controversial subject

14. A book that defies categorization

15. A book recommended by your friendly librarians

16. An audiobook

17. A book you'd enjoy escaping into

18. A book about race relations

19. A book by someone you think you could be friends with

20. A book set in a rural area

21. A book with a bird on the cover

22. A book you would recommend to someone else

23. A mystery book where the victim is not a woman

24. A book about food or cooking

25. A book that helped you put things in perspective